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According to the Soccer Spirits art book, Lucid's age is 21. Etymology The word lucid stems from Latin lucidus, from lux "light" and -idus and has multiple meanings in English: clear; easily understood quotations; mentally rational; sane; bright, luminous, translucent or transparent; References https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/lucid

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Greetings from Com2uS! Let's get started with the cosplay of the Dark Players! First off is "Lucid" (Dark)! Lucid Take a look at the dazzling look of Lucid. Not even the fancy background can cover up her beauty! Lucid holding a soccer ball and looking amazing! Time for a change of pace! It almost feels like Lucid is the protagonist of this game! Did you like the cosplay images? Next up is ...

Weekly Unit Discussion & Guide: Lucid : soccerspirits

Lucid is Dark's striker, known as one of strongest PvE strikers, thanks to her Solar Eclipse - increasing receiving pass effect and action speed by huge amount; but also Moving Shadow - giving additional pen power to dish even more damage and her active, boosting her attack power and crit rate.

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Soccer Spirits Lucid is Life :)

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My first Live2D project is finally finished!I recently got into Live2D and art in general. So it took me quite some time while also learning the software. It...

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Lucid is a tricky one since her skill point distribution depends on your team and how you want to play her. I would go 5/4/0/2 since the AI won't utilize her 3rd passive in league. Otherwise, go 5/4/2/0 only if you have a crit totem like Durahan.

Striker Guide: Lucid ver 2.0 : soccerspirits

1st passive, Moving Shadow, makes her action bar start with a max of 30% and provides the much needed penetration power boost of 35%. With the initial action boost, it's pretty much a given she'll move before the enemy does unless debuffs and buffs are in actions. 2nd passive, Solar Eclipse, is what makes Lucid Lucid.